Spiritual Weather

“Today, my dear friends, we would like to talk about the weather — Spiritual weather. Often when strangers meet on your world, not knowing any common point of interest of the other, they refer to the topic of the weather because each one realizes that no matter who they are or where they have come from, a common point of mutual experience can always be had by talking about the weather. It is a friendly ‘ice breaker,’ which can lead to other topics of conversation. When we talk about ‘Spiritual weather’ however, we are talking about expressing a common point of mutual experience about the journey of the soul. These conversation starters can lead to some wonderful exchanges that can actually create friendships and bond souls together because they are more meaningful, vulnerable and honest. This signals to the other that they are safe to express some discoveries and experiences that have led them to a higher place of awareness about their place in the universe and the self-discovered meanings of life.

“We have often talked about the conditions for revelation — when to speak and when not to speak — meaning that there exist certain conditions in the ‘weather’ of conversations with others that signal the readiness of the other to accept and explore topics about some very personal spiritual experiences. All of you students on the path have unique and amazing stories to tell about your journey. These are the ‘treasures’ of your soul. They are the experiences that go with you into eternity. These experiences are what we deem as ‘survival value’ experiences — those of high value which are counter-parted and “harvested” by the GOD SPARK within you as worthy experiences to be shared with the GOD. If therefore they are to be included in the soul-trust and worthy to be shared with the GOD, then certainly they are acceptable to be shared with others who are ready to hear and share their own journey.

“This sharing of the journey can lead to some wonderful growth moments which can expand into some worthwhile relationships as kindred spirits. Once you pass through this life and awaken on the mansion worlds, you shall be sharing your soul-trust experiences with others who are ascending along with you and discovering new and wonderful revelations about the path ahead. Not only will you be learning from others by this method of sharing experiences, but also you shall be teaching others by this same process. It is a wonderful way to learn and grow, my friends, and it is something that you can do in your daily life here on this world.

“How do you know what is of survival value and what is not? It comes from the heart and not the head. When you dig deep down into the seat of the soul, you get there through the path of the heart. Those meaningful memories that have left a permanent imprint in your mind no matter how long they have occurred in your past — you shall never forget them. It won’t be the football scores, your grocery list, or the business news of the day. It will be only those moments where you have grown in some way. Sharing moments like these with others is, in and of itself, a growth moment! Think about some of your past moments where there was an exchange of heart felt experiences with a friend. You still remember them very clearly do you not?

“Building a weighty soul is a process of personal self-discovery and the sharing of meaningful love moments wherein Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are the derivatives of those experiences. If you reflect on your past and find 95 percent of your life is all about the football scores, then you have some work to do. Your bucket is nearly empty and you will need to step out into the spiritual weather and let it rain on your soul while you still have time in this world. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet!
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