We are the piece of cosmic puzzle

“Dear Friends, I am with you and I am excited that the quality of our connection is improving day by day. As we discard the fog of our spiritual misrepresentations and unrealistic projections, ( our spiritual journey ) the light can step in and help you move out of uncertainties and doubts. As you learn to find the Divine  light to let Him guide us  in your journey, you will no longer see the darkness but focus on the bright side, which will guarantee you safe footing in the most challenging trail conditions.

“Yes, dear Friends, the GOD is eternally omnipresent! He is filling each one of us with His Presence and wishes for us to share Him with others, so that His own being can expand forever and ever. As you co-create your own being and reality, the GOD  Himself never ceases to co-create Himself in His creation. The GOD does have a vested interest in each one of us. He is the Gardener and the Caretaker of each magnificent seed He has planted in us,  when He bestowed life upon us. Not only did He give you life ( our spiritual journey ) , but He also included many unique and special gifts in each one of His creation so that, by discovering and sharing them freely, they can enhance each other’s reality and create a magnificent puzzle — multifaceted and multi-dimensional.

“Keep working at our own piece( our spiritual journey )  , at adjusting it to fit into the whole. One day, you will be better equipped to look at Your  MasterPiece (Our Legacy )  which is thus being created, piece by piece.

“May this Life be filled with Love and Light.” Be Brave 
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  1. Salut, blog anda sangat menginspirasi; informatif, intuitif dan sangat konsktruktif bagi lahirnya pemahaman spiritual ditengah kecamuknya dunia modern yang mengedepankan materialisme. Blog ini hadir sebagai penyeimbang dan sekaligus sebagai solusi bagi kemungkinan termanisfestasinya ragam keinginan yang tumbuh di alam pikir pada awalnya (inner world), lalu termanifestasikan ke dalam dunia nyata secara fisik (the world without). Pokoknya keren dan saya suka.

    1. Terimakasih atas apresiasinya, saya yakin anda akan menjadi makin baik dari waktu ke waktu