What is God’s Will?

“In your early morning musings, the question about the will of God made its appearance on the screen of your mind. Many things, of which humans are barely conscious, happen daily, but the most important thought, which rarely appears on any of these minds on this planet is: ‘What is God’s will for me today?’ And therefore, also, very little deep thought is given to this further, most simple question: ‘What is entailed in the doing of God’s will?’ All mortals adhere to a belief system, albeit they may or may not be aware of their beliefs, as it is easier to let others do their thinking for them. The majority lives as if there is no tomorrow except when worry looms on the horizon, or when awakened from their slumber. 

Spirituality is how to understand GOD SPARK inside our body.

“Others awaken when they start reading books with spiritual content and hopefully take a small step to independent thinking. Their conversations take on a different hue, and perchance they look for a guru of some kind to help open the door of their minds. Hopefully a continually growing thirst to know more about spiritual matters will appear. They are those who will be encouraged by their Guardian Angels to have these human charges step out into the greater beyond, where insights arrive and liberated thinking takes over. 

“The further group of humans are already question marks from early childhood, as in their little minds they mull over what the meaning of life might be and who might be the Maker of heaven and earth. Those, who are not overly burdened by old superstitious beliefs, will retain their questioning natures to develop a personal relationship with God with the help from their Spark from God within. No child who makes its first conscious moral decision is left behind; all receive their guiding Fragment of God. 

Spirituality is how to understand GOD SPARK inside our body.

“However, not all start listening or question why things happen the way they do. It very much depends on parental guidance and the experiences of life that help shape a young person. When their budding will is sufficiently developed in a moral direction, the child begins to awaken more and starts wondering about the meaning of God’s will. This independence of thought is to be encouraged, as the child becomes increasingly more conscious of the mystery of the All That Is, and learns about God’s unconditional love and forgiveness. 

“Therefore, the next step in the thought process is the beginning hunger for a personal relationship with the Creator, and this heralds the search to find this Source of all life. 

“It is the grandest moment anyone can experience in this mortal estate to find a Spark of this Source living and working within themselves. It is like ‘a home-coming’ to finally experience and live that life.”
Spirituality is how to understand GOD SPARK inside our body.
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