Good Morning Guys..

“It is an excellent opportunity to start typing since you already are at the keyboard. Trustingly take my dictation even though you do not yet know of the subject. This will happen with the flow of the words which flow into your mind and which I am desirous of making known to you and anyone willing to read these transmitted words. 

“Having received this introduction, you still wonder how it is possible to listen to a Voice you know not wherefrom it comes. The truth is, child, that anyone willing to sit still long enough to listen, will be able to do the same. 

“This is a great blessing the GOD bestowed upon all human races. It does not take a special person. It only takes a person willing to open his or her mind, listen to the inner Guidance and start living accordingly. It is so designed as to approximate reality on the Morontia Worlds, which are the many abodes the GOD has prepared for all souls desiring eternal life from all planets of space. 

“Pre-education starts already in the physical life which is the foundation for eternal life. Needless to say, I am not speaking about reincarnation. With millions of worlds waiting ‘out there’ to be explored, why would you even consider coming back here, when evolution is forward progression, not regression. Always looking back and thinking who you might have been in a previous lifetime, is a ‘grandiose’ waste of time. 

“All thoughts ever thought during the history of the existence of this planet still ‘float around in the ether’ and if one is so psychically inclined because of sensitive forebears, one is able to grasp these thoughts. However, that is a regressive trait, whilst there is so much in the way of the positive ‘out there’ to discover and learn. 

“Also, you really don’t need to go to anyone to have your ‘fortunes’ told. This is always variable anyway because it all depends on the person’s attitude of the moment. Besides, Master Jesus clearly spelled this out in The Urantia Book, that: ‘seeking to know the future,’ robs faith of its sweet reward. 

“You are learning that when you take life one day at a time and place God in charge of your day, or rather abide by His will, that the day often turns out totally different because you have left yourself open to unexpected happenings. Often, you have been amazed, trusting in the power of the GOD to just let matters unfold the way they are designed to from on high. This does not mean that humans don’t need a mind of their own; indeed the opposite is true. It is living as if today is your last day and learning to do God’s will with a trusting heart and being at peace with whatever happens. This creates divine order in the human soul leading to immortality; therefore today’s subject is: ‘Trust and have Faith.’”
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