A Worthy Goal – Part 2

“The goal of perfection is the greatest aspiration for a human life, but it is not easily attained. It will take ages to achieve it. However, it should be greatly motivating to consider that for a highly consciousnes creature, each little step you take in this world is a giant step in eternity and that what you learn here has repercussions beyond your imagination in the next worlds. Once the purpose of life is clear in your mind, choosing which path to take becomes an easier task.

“What will you do with your life from now on? Search for perfection. Strive to be increasingly more like your GOD, following the living example provided by the Master Jesus of Nazareth or Master Muhammad or Master Buddha ? Try to fill your mind only with truth, beauty and goodness. This will overcome and destroy everything that may represent an obstacle to your eventual fusion. This decision will be registered by your GOD SPARK Within and thus you will start working together on the plan of your GOD.

“This is a worthy goal, but is it feasible in your life? It is! Striving for perfection is leaving behind all selfishness, which results in better relationships with your neighbors. Striving for perfection means an increasingly clearer understanding of love, which is the energy that sustains the universe. This love, as you let it permeate your life, will extend to other areas and the result will be the desire to give the best of yourself to others. This will create more united families, with children who grow in the best of environments as they forge strong personalities and are better prepared to face the challenges of life and to start growing in spirit. The search for excellence will make you better in your work and in your society, yielding many benefits.

“The goal is perfection — to be more like our GOD. This is what’s best for you, for humanity, for your world and for the entire creation. The results are the fruits of spirit and the development of a personality that becomes eternal by joining forever with a Divine Fragment. This should be the goal and the desire of your life from now on. Nothing else is more important.”
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