“Today, my friends, we would like for you to focus on the single most important concern you have that would improve the quality of life either for yourself or for others. Take that thought, concern or situation that needs improvement and bring it into quiet contemplation. Here is where the co-creative process begins and you will use this co-creative power that has been given you to develop the ‘idea’ of this seedling thought and see it mature and grow into a vibrant reality. As children of the Creator Father, you have the power to do this. Timing, however, you must surrender to faith and know that what you ask shall be answered according to the highest good and for the greater progress of the Great Plan. 

“The most difficult thing for you to understand is: ‘What is the highest good?’ The highest good is always that which shall result in a more perfected state of being. As each of you becomes more perfected, the result is progress toward the completion of the Great Plan. ‘What is the Great Plan?’ The Great Plan is the relative perfection and completion of all beings and systems in the time-space universes. Everything is in motion and all beings that are participating in the Great Plan are working toward that goal. You, being under the veil of the material world, do not clearly see this; yet as you become more aware of your purpose, you feel the gravity of this Great Plan and the desire to contribute in your own unique way and with your own unique ideas. 

“And so with this ‘top-level’ view of the Great Plan in mind, see your own thoughts, concerns or situations as having a purpose in the plan. Realize that even in the struggle to overcome some challenge in life, there is a lesson there that shall bring you to a place of greater understanding where you can glean the wisdom thereof and use it to develop your own idea for the progress of that Great Plan. You are like a tiny drop of water, yet as each of you come together and contribute your unique ideas and use the wisdom gleaned from the lessons of life, you create a mighty force that can move mountains. Your contribution is significant and is valued by all personalities who work toward the goal of the Great Plan. 

“Bring now your thoughts, concerns, or situations into quiet contemplation and hold these thoughts out in front of you in your left hand. See it animated as if in a small glass sphere of tiny actors on a stage. See the problem or the people involved in the situation and imagine it being played out to a more perfected conclusion where the highest good is served for you and others. Let your mind open to all possibilities, options and possible outcomes. 

“Now hold the Great Plan in your right hand and see it as a large blazing orb of white light. Bring your hands together and allow the blazing light of the Great Plan to shine into the glass sphere that contains your desire, concern or situation. Watch as the light shines into the glass sphere and illuminates the one single greatest idea. 

“Let that unique idea be the only play on the stage and let it now be absorbed into the light of the Great Plan. Imagine the Great Plan now that contains your idea move into your heart space and feel it enter into your chest. Feel it radiate to every cell in your body with loving vibrations. Because you are a part of this Great Plan now, you shall be the change you want to see and can now work to bring that idea into reality. Go now and do the Will of the Creator, for this idea is your work to fulfill! 
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