We all have things that we want to achieve in our lives — getting into the better shape, building a successful business, raising a wonderful family, winning a championship, and so on. But not everyone can get what they want. In fact, most people pretty much living in an average life and can’t achieve their goal, meanwhile 2 or 3% of people really achieve a high level of success and another percent reaches a decent level of success.

Many people did and yet some have already fallen off track. If you're one of the fallen, how can you get back into the groove in terms of making progress toward goals? As you can see from the screenshot above, one of our workshop participant has managed to get what he wants by combining E. SYUKUR method and brain mind activator that he has got from the previous SOLUSI SUPER SUKSES Workshop.

For a regular person, actuall there is a simple thing that actually you can do, and many people are just not aware of them, and consequently it's much harder for them to succeed.

What I’m going to share to you is a one little step that only a very few people take that as one of their method which help them to achieve 10-20% or more of their major goal they want to achieve

A few days ago, when i was doing some of my own research about cosmic energy, i was fascinated with why only some people has achieved their goal and other people didnt, eventhough they have a same amount of resources towards this, like books, motivational speaker records, and so on. So, how can they ended with a different result?

There are 3 categories of people. Some people who only get so motivated and then took an action for only a day or two and then they stop, while others took action and continue all the way they trough untill they achieve their goal. and the worst one is people who actually never took any action, eventhough they are so motivated and excited when they learning the content.

Something that became EVIDENCE to me was that people who took an action every single day WILL REACH THEIR GOALS MORE OFTEN than anybody else. and that one action is something that neuro scientist call as a cognitive priming. Cognitive priming means the people who learn how to prime their brain every single day to take the action that should take, the people who prime their brain to visualize the obstacles that are in the way of their goals and visualize them overcoming their obstacles because they’ve created a plan and thought about it in advance, are the one who achieve the goals in dreams that they said.

This simple action is all about setting a goal and then writing it down all of the obstacles that could come in your way for achieving that goal. So that you could have an obstacle around what you believe. It can be anything. For example, your relations with your business partner, dont have the knowledge or the skill that you need and more.

But if you have a goal and you write down the obstacles and then you use the powerfull amazing brain that you’ve got to visualize yourself meeting the obstacle and figuring out a way to overcome it, your brain starts to work in your advantage. It will starts to believe that you can actually achieve the goals and overcome the obstacles and then when you take some time to create a plan of what you can do today for lets say 5-10min to move towards your goals, so you start what i called a tiny habit. A tiny actionable habit everyday to works that goal!

Now you’ve got the goal, the obstacles, you have the outcome you want achieve by seeing yourself overcoming the obstacle and than if you create a short, small  where you take 10-20 time day to work achieving that goals, that is part of the goup it up plan to for being able to achieve your goals in dreams.

So, take a few moment and just write down one goals, your 3 or 5 obstacles that could come in your way and also write down what kind of outcomes that you want. After that, visualize yourself overcoming the obstacle by closing your eyes and just seeing that obstacles in front of you. Reaching that out! figure it out the problem and then visualize yourself getting “help”to achieve that goal.

Next, create your small plan tiny habit that you move towards by taking action everyday. This habit will give your brain all of the power that it needs in order to  help you figure out how to overcome the obstacles. The part of your brain which is starts getting activated is known as PREFONTAL LOBE CORTEX and when you activated this genius part of your brain, it’ll help you ro figure out on how to overcome your obstacles. So, every one of us who’s a goal achiever sets goal but only a very few people will think about the obstacles that are there and then overcoming it.

In order to become an amazing goal achiever, you have to accept the fact that there will be an obstacle so that you’ll need to prime your brain to recognize it and it simple. What you need to do is just set all of those on your mind first and back it up with a plan and guess what.... you will start to become a goal achiever instead of just somebody who said the goal.

Are you getting exhausted by your “possitive affirmation method” which has’nt lead you to anything? Being optimistic, visualizing and meditating and still haven’t achieved what you want? Well, there is a reason for that.

In order to communicate with the Universe, you must communicate in the right language as for helping you to reach any goal you have. SOLUSI SUPER SUKSES method could be the key to having the success, fulfilling and purpose-meaning life you’ve imagined for yourself all these years. It can be used by anyone, anywhere, at anytime for any thing.
Once you mastering our method, imagine a life of no limits. No longer being concerned about things that normally would have dragged you down. upset you or could even made you depressed or anxious. Imagine a life which is enlightning, uplifting, made your heart is opened to eveything that’s around you.

Our method will helps you to focus on things that matter most to you and bringing more and more of them into your life. From finding your dream job, discovering your soulmate, or anything in whatever area of you have imgained for yourself. You’ll finally be able to overcome the obstacles and circumstances that have ever hold you back.
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