The Beauty That Surrounds You

“The love for that which is eternal also increases the love for the things of this world. You have been told that you should not love material things above spiritual things, however there are many things in this world that are worthy of your appreciation. 

“Those who love Truth, Beauty and Goodness discover them in every situation of their lives, in every person, in every landscape. When your eyes are open to the beauty of spirit they also open to the beauty that surrounds you in this world. Humility and kindness of heart enable the appreciation of the simplicity of nature, which hides within the design of our GOD for His creation. 

“Those who start their search for perfection are sometimes surprised because the world they once considered as plain is now considered by their spiritually enlightened vision as a cradle of opportunity and a paradise of undiscovered beauty. Admire the world in which you live and enjoy the wonders that only exist in this sphere, which as a decimal world exhibits kinds of life that have never been seen anywhere else in the universe. The great variety of flora and fauna around you is truly unique and fascinating for all creatures of the universe. 

“This growing appreciation for your planetary home is what will inspire the next generations to endeavor with more commitment to preserve the integrity of nature and be the gardeners who will leave this world in better shape to those who will come after them. The realization that life is eternal will remove the fear from the human hearts that make many believe that they have to exploit the natural resources without measure to provide temporal pleasures for the self. 

“Can you imagine what this world would look like if those who came before you had been more careful in the way they used the natural resources and more considerate with the welfare of future generations? Many modern diseases would not exist. Many areas of this planet that are now dead would be flourishing with life. You can’t go back to the past, but you can do plenty for future generations. In eternity you will be better capable of appreciating your efforts of the present and the garden you build for your children will be a motive of pride and delight for yourselves.”
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