Spiritual Feelings

What is Spiritual feelings? Spiritual feelings is not a material forms, its Spiritual Matters. Spiritual matters are very hard to explain using the resources of the human mind. Our mind is material and can only offer explanations for those things that are within its conceptual frame of reference. It is very hard for our mind to explain realities far removed from everything you know and from spiritual realities in that category. 

However human beings have a spiritual nature and some of this nature must therefore be perceptible for them. These perceptions reside in the realm of feelings. However, human beings often have a confounding view of their own feelings. 

True feelings/ Spiritual feelings are those that arise spontaneously in a human being without requiring any participation of the mind. True affection is a good example. This affection normally develops among strangers once they start to know each other and it is spontaneous and natural. Those involved in a sincere friendship normally don’t plan to create that relationship or to feel those feelings. They happen naturally even if in their minds they don’t even suspect what is happening. Many times members of the same family do not share the same depth of affection that is experienced with friends or lovers, even when the social norms, the customs, and logic dictates that family, clan or tribe should come first. 

These Spiritual Feelings of sincere affection are not based on anything material and can’t be explained easily, but for those who experience them, they are very real, so much that they don’t need any proof or confirmation of the reality of their feelings. 

True faith is sincere affection for the things of the God. It is the experience of a creature who is striving to know his or her God and is having some success. This is the beginning of a friendship with the God . A human being can never feel true affection for a mental creation, for an ideal, or a product of his or her own imagination. A true friendship must be corresponded and the affection can only by fed by reciprocal affection. Those who learn to love the God receive even more love in exchange. They feel this affection and this sensation that provides them with security and courage to face the challenges of mortal life. 

Search within your heart and you will find all you need. The God is available within your being, closer than any other person. Search for Him ( God Within )  there and you will find Him. Do not waste your time attempting to explain how this occurs, just feel it and experience it. This will translate into subtle and almost imperceptible changes in the moment, but looking back from the point of view gained by experience and the normal progression of time, you will discover how your life became better by this friendship you decided to cultivate. This is the Spiritual Feelings 
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