Merdeka is Freedom

Merdeka-Bebas-Lepas..adalah keberanian dalam menunjukkan sucinya Energi dari Hati Nurani. 
Merdeka..adalah sebuah usaha untuk memerdekakan diri dari pengaruh pikiran negatif serta hati yang dipenuhi ego-amarah-keinginan.  

Merdeka..adalah sebuah kondisi yang termanifestasikan dari usaha para pendahulu kita dalam menunjukkan eksistensi Nusantara dalam Merah dan Putih. Merdeka..adalah Cinta dan Kasih-Sayang. 

Merdeka..adalah hak Lahir kita.
Merdeka..Merah Putihku

“Today many people are not free. They are living with chains that prevent them from being happy. Most often, they themselves have applied these chains. They live tied to memories of the past, resentment or material things that provide them with certain ‘status.’ Others live attached to an idea. None are free. 

“We came to this world to find freedom because we are essentially free. 

“Find out what binds us. What are those chains that keep us from flying freely in the sky of love, giving happiness, kindness and forgiveness? Gradually discover each of those chains in our mind and break them at once. We will feel how our walk becomes lighter, how we enjoy more our life and how we will gradually be living Paradise on Earth. 

“We can’t live in Paradise being shackled. we have to be free to live it. 

“Check out then what are our chains and break them to be free.”

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