“The Intended Path — Convergence of Destiny.”

Spirituality is life Path,

“It is important in this time of acclimation to stay grounded and to go within for guidance. If ever there was a time to grow close to your Indwelling Spirit, now is that time. Listen for those gentle nudges from Spirit and notice the synchronicities that show up and that may give you courage to proceed in a direction that shall lead to even more opportunities. Follow your heart and choose wisely according to light.

“The life path which was divinely “intended” for you is at convergence at this time. This means that you have successfully aligned your will with the Creator’s Will and you are now in a place where the “intended path” and your actual life path have intersected — a destiny point has been reached. The confusion you are currently experiencing is a battle of the mind to see the path ahead as it was intended versus the old familiar path of yearning for a life of fulfillment. That time of fulfilment is at hand, my friend, go now and bring it into reality and live that life — fill it with new and exciting experiences and relationships — become that person you see in the hazy dream — it is you!

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