Living the FLOW of Universe

 “The message for today is about ‘Living in the Flow’ of the creative life force of the universe. What does this mean? Are we not all living in the flow of creativity? Yes, all are moving down the river of life, yet many are not aware they are in the water. There are far too many people who wake up to a world that is mundane, or full of struggle and hardship, where they become a part of all the negativity and drama that is broadcast to the world through others who are also not aware they are in the water. They become ‘heavy’ and find it difficult to keep their heads above the water where the breath of life is. To live in the flow is to be aware you are in it. To be aware you are in it means you are seeing through the eyes of the soul and that your life has purpose. 

“Life on your world is full of contrast — more so than on most worlds in the universe, which means your immersion in it may allow you to experience the greatest moments of joy, love and peace, or the quite the opposite — hate, fear, misery and pain. Certainly most of you have, at some time in your life, ‘touched bottom’ of the river and tasted the full measure of contrast which makes the sweeter moments of life so much more appreciable. Yet, those who are not aware they are in the water and who are heavy with the drama of a confused world get pulled under and dragged to the bottom of pain, fear, and misery and find it difficult to float to the surface where joy, peace, and love is. They remain in the limited bandwidth of the lower end of the contrast scale — the murky bottom. 

“Moments of peace, love, and joy with the perspective of the full measure of contrast, is the most valuable experience a human can have, which is the most beneficial to the soul and to the collective consciousness of the planet — even unto the Supreme Being — the God of experience. Does this mean you have to experience the muck on the bottom of the river to benefit the soul? No, in contrast, the benefit is in the ‘amplitude’ or the ‘delta’ of contrast. Those who are aware they are in the river, treading water and making wise choices, have never touched the murky bottom. Yet the degree of their experiences with peace, love, and joy are so much higher than those scraping bottom, that they may have greater amplitude of contrast. Wherever you are in life — the bottom, the middle or soaring through the air, amplitude is most important and the collective life experiences for all souls makes up the full spectrum of life in eternity at nearly all degrees of living all valuable — all worthy of the eternal journey toward god-likeness. 

“When you find yourself in the muck of life caught up in the drama of the illusion, zoom out, my friends, and remember you are in the river — that you have a soul — that life is eternal and you are adding to the valuable measure of your soul’s experiences. You shall take that treasure with you into the hereafter and continue down the river of life with greater wisdom and with a greater appreciation for all that is true, beautiful and good. 

“To you who know you are in the river, blessed are you, friends, for you have the awareness to maximize the amplitude of your life experiences and live life with your head above water where peace, love, and joy fill the senses — the sweetness of life. 

“If you find yourself sinking, just ask for help — the universe is here to lift you up! 
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