The Source Within Us

Today we come a tiny step closer to the Source of your being. This always happens when heart and soul are engaged in the process and the mind is willing to take a few instructions so new insights may come. It’s like writing a letter to God and hearing the answers from a depth you cannot plumb. 

“This sacred rendezvous, when regularly engaged in, can become a most useful and blessed habit that shall strengthen your days immensely whatever happens. Life is like that, because when you learn to live each day with the awareness that the Source of your being travels with you each step of the way, life becomes so much simpler. 

“Slowly you learn that the outer material life offers fewer attractions and the inner life takes on more significance. Also Jesus’ meaning of the saying that you live in the world, but you are not of this world becomes so much clearer. 

“Of course, this way of life is not obtained instantly; it requires dedication and perseverance to setting aside a portion of each day to ‘write a letter to the Source’ of your being and you will discover to your delight that the inner Source has been waiting all along for you to show up for your appointment. 

“This is the greatest discovery as from thereon, your togetherness (with GOD within) becomes so much more meaningful and you will miss it when for some reason or other you forget to do this and you feel that something is amiss in your day. 

“Of course, this exercise is most useful when engaged in early in the morning, as your whole day will respond in kind — especially when you realize more and more that I, without fail, am always with you. This is the secret of developing a solid and satisfying relationship with the Source of your being — that still small Voice within to which you always have access in all ways. 

“One day you will realize that you can even ask to GOD(me): ‘What is your Will for me today’? And to your delight the day will flow in more peaceful ways when you ‘hand’ your day over to Me. 

“When you do this, then I can set sudden unexpected things in motion for you so your day flows easier and is more satisfying than if you had put your own will in charge. Therefore, once you start handing your will over to Me, our relationship takes on a deeper significance and you will find that you increasingly feel My ever-abiding unconditional love and acceptance of you. 

“I(GOD) ‘smile’ when you thank Me for choosing to indwell you instead of putting up with your shenanigans and willful stubbornness. This my child is exactly the reason I see great potential in you and am so willing for you to discover and learn about your priceless personality the great Creator has bestowed upon you at birth. This is My chance to make you over into a perfected personality, which I can only do with your permission and cooperation. It’s as we do this together as one.”
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