The Awakening of Your Consciousness

Do not be too concerned about understanding; do not be too worried about knowing; focus instead on the DIVINE LIGHT.

“Do not let life go by in an effort to understand the reasons and the situations of the universe while ignoring your opportunity to transcend.

“The awakening of your consciousness goes beyond knowledge; knowledge is in the mind; consciousness exists in connection with spirit.

“When the impulse to love overflows your heart; when your mind starts to generate ideas to improve the lives of others; when you find yourself busy being happy and bringing happiness to those around you; when your natural state is peace, joy, balance, certainty and faith; your consciousness will have awakened.

“Focus in the present: being, giving, feeling, enjoying, and loving. It is in this connection with the One who is all loving and all peaceful where wisdom is.

“Be the one who awakens the consciousness of those around you.”


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